Textile Artist

Catalina Espina cerda

Since childhood, I have felt the need to link my life to art. In my constant search, I met the batik when I studied interior design and it was then, when I was captivated by the enormous possibilities offered by this art, in what refers to the handling of color and its particular effects.

I discovered that the batik It is a very special and playful art, so unpredictable. It never cease to amaze me the effects that result from the summation of the different baths of color and the application of the different layers of wax; the richness of textures and the craquelure are a surprise when, finally, the work is finished.

The smell of the wax and the fabrics immersed in the colored waters are delightful !! My work seeks the rescue of the ancestral from the female inner world and from the magic that nests in the heart of the human being.

I am against the manipulated in an artificial way, of the mass and of the manufactured in series, that attempts against the human individuality and takes us away from the essence of each one.

Currently, I live in Santiago de Chile and I belong to the Batik Guildo Gremio del Batik collective.


Catalina Espina